Aqw helmets AQW AQWorlds Wiki. Sellback: First 24 Hours: 135 AC. Confirmed by Alina to be a 100% drop rate. . . Sellback: First 24 Hours: 90 AC. O. This item requires a Dragon Amulet. . Adventure Coin - Non-Rare Adventure Coin. Also see Arch DoomKnight Open Helm. . The crit chance adds a lot to consistency. Rarity: Awesome Rarity. The AQW team needs help with with compiling a list of your favorite rares that have been in-game over the past 8 years. 12th Hero of Balance Crown. Greenguard Knight. Type: Resource. Note: Also see Great Pumpkin King Staff. Location: Mod Birthday Shop - Battleon. Description: Swindle says, that's a "Dark Cyclops Face". Thanks to Hindra. Sellback: First 24 Hours: 1,350 AC. Description is a direct reference to the song Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz. 0 License. AQ. . 10th Birthday Hat Of Wonder. Price: 450 AC. Location: Ultra Tyndarius (Location) Price: N/A (Dropped by Ultra Tyndarius (Monster)) Sellback: 0 Gold. Paragon Helm House. When equipped, this item does 30% more damage to Dragon Monsters and Human Monsters. Some really good helm drops I would recommend getting :)AQlite Download Link:https://github. Location: Wolfwing's Lair. . In Inventory: 7. AQ. - Forge Helmet Enhancements. Legion Castle - Portal in Room 2. Rarity: Rare Rarity. Description: This huge hunk of metal has been mined from Raw Ore deposits. The 2021 Dage Collection. Helmets & Hoods Shadowscythe General Helm (AC) Shadowscythe General Helm (Merge). . AQWorlds Wiki » Items » Misc. Thanks to ShatteredReality. Forge Helmet Enhancements. Notes: Glow is Color Custom to Eye Color. .
10th Birthday Hat of Bliss. Quest Location: Arch Portal. Because of how the stats convert, you'll want to think about the helmets almost in the case of secondary stat benefit, like the capes. Rarity: Awesome Rarity. twitch. . Description: This armor is crafted and enchanted by the power of the Hydra. Browse through the different categories, check the stats and prices, and find the perfect armor for your character. And finally, the new helmet enhancements! They will need to be unlocked in sequential order, like the cape traits, and will also have drawbacks when equipped. He said it was an. . Sellback: 0 AC. Description: The basic helm of the undead Soldier. com!. Location: HS Anniversary Shop - Ebil Portal. This item is themed from Time Gentleman from OverSoul. . AQWorlds Wiki » Items » Helmets & Hoods » Voltaire Hat Location: Voltaire's Shop - Voltaire/Live Price: 10,000 Gold Sellback: 2,500 Gold Rarity: Rare Rarity Base Level: In Shop: 1; In Inventory: 5; Description: It's Voltaire Time!. gl/nkjvRi• Locks of. . . Kitsune (Monster) (2). . Arch DoomKnight Helm. Note: Used to merge Helms of the Seven Circles. 8-Bit Battleon Town; Battleon; Battleon Town;. . . . Thanks to Darkfirekiller. Description: The basic helm of the undead Soldier. Description: This helm is covered in the remains of the monsters you have slain! With every step you take, you show chaos that you are the one to be feared! Notes: Also see: Hand of Destiny Helm.

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